We are very grateful to everyone who participated in Giving Tuesday here on Facebook, on our website donations page, and by sharing our posts on Instagram and Facebook.

If you have made a contribution, you are still welcome to do so by using the link below.


EnVision Proven Sucess provides knowledge and resources that empower women to improve their quality of life.

Thank you and know your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500 Every little bit helps.

EnVision Proven Success is raising funds on #GivingTuesday, November 30, 2021, for its mentorship program "Finding My Truth" to sponsor women to attend our upcoming Retreat in January.






Our mentorship program is designed to empower women to rise above their current situation through mentoring and education.

We realize that in order to know where we want to go in life, we must first understand who we are and what we were placed on the Earth to do. Our mentorship program will focus on six areas:

(1) to gain self-awareness 

(2) to develop a life plan 

(3) to release and break free from past hurt and walk-in purpose 

(4) business and entrepreneurship

(5) personal development

(6) and self-care.


As a charitable nonprofit organization, we rely largely on the kindness of people like you. Your one-time, monthly, or annual contributions to EnVision Proven Success will help us provide quality programming and much-needed community tangibles for all women requesting and receiving our comprehensive social support services.

There is no shortage of ways that you can help us reach our goals. Whether you are looking to donate your time, efforts, funds, goods, or services. We welcome all support. 





Michael Roy Sr., founder/CEO of “Out of a Stroke,” cross country skater “Mr. C.O.” stroke survivor is excited to announce his partnership with MARKO Records Recording Studio and EnVision Proven Success to share his story in hopes to encourage stroke survivors. Would like to thank all our guests, vendors, volunteers for your support, and Skate Zone 71 for hosting this event.

This is a great family networking event to bring our families/community together whether you know how to skate or not. This is a family fun opportunity to network, share your resources and talent. 

Are you fed up with seeing/hearing about all the violence in your neighborhood? Then it's time to go back to family  fun, unity, and "STOP THE VIOLENCE: FAMILY FLIP THE SCENE ROLL BOUNCE"


Our mission is to bring awareness and resources to aid in the prevention of and intervention of violence.  supports all efforts working toward the education, prevention, and elimination of Violence and its emotional scars in children and adults. To promote personal growth and leadership development through dedicated programs.


November 30, 2021 - 2021 #GivingTuesday

December 19, 2021 - Special Community Event "Let's Roll"

December 2021 - Accolades


Every Third Saturday of the month - Scrapbook your legacy

First/Third Thursday of the month - Mentorship Program, meetings/orientation

Fourth Thursday of the month - Volunteer meetings/orientation

April 2022 - Volunteer Appreciation

April 2022 EPS Anniversary - The Power of WE

May 2022 - Mother’s Day dinner

September 22, 2022 - Signature Fundraiser - Magazine unveiling/Masquerade Ball, at the Clintonville Women’s Club 

TBA - Throughout the year fundraisers

December - End of the year celebration




2021 - 2022 Upcoming Events & Workshops 


Past Events

October 16, 2021
EnVision Proven Success has partnered with Gudenkauf Corporation for a One-Stop Career Opportunity
Are you a woman or know of a woman looking for a career or a career change?
On October 16th EnVision Proven Success will partner with Gudenkauf Corporation for a One-Stop Career Opportunity
EnVision Proven Success Gudenkauf Corporation registration
Event Timing: October 16, 2021, at 10 a.m.
Event Address: Improving Inc. 1 Eaton Oval Columbus, Ohio 43219

If you are interested in attending please visit the link below to register, thank you. https://forms.gle/SQzP9425fAvyDHtbA

EnVision Proven Success provides knowledge and resources that empower women to improve their quality of life. We invite you, men or women to fill out the form above to register, thank you.

Gudenkauf Corporation: Total Solutions in Telecommunications, Utility and Systems Integration. Gudenkauf Corporation is a diversified telecommunications, utility, and systems integration solution provider with the personnel, equipment, and experience to deliver even in the toughest and most complicated conditions. By offering everything from Outside Plant Construction and Splicing, to the Cabling, Wireless, and Technology Systems inside your building, Gudenkauf is your one-stop end-to-end solution provider for communications.


EnVision Proven Success 8th unveiling 4th Masquerade Ball


EnVision Proven Success, I want to thank all our guests, sponsor, donors, Columbus Give Back Volunteers, our DJ Marly McFly, Photo booth, Rollin with the Jones, Traveling Bartender, Champagne Premiere Events, Champagne Braswell, EPS Volunteers and Board members for all your support.


Keynote Speaker: Franklin County Coronor Dr. Dr. Anahi Ortiz

Please enjoy some of our guest's pictures who attended EnVision Proven Success 8th unveiling 4th Masquerade Ball! 

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       2019 Masquerade Ball 

2020 Donate For A Cause

Apple Airpods.jpg

At EnVision Proven Success, we would like to thank you for your generous donations supporting our fundraiser "Donate for a Cause; thank you.#EPSMAGLAUNCH

2020 Unveiling Masquerade Party

EnVision Proven Success' mission is to provide knowledge and resources that empower women to improve their quality of life.


EnVision Proven Success has a professionally printed magazine that shares the stories of women who have regained their dignity and moved forward in a way they previously thought impossible. Their candor allows readers to understand the challenges women from adverse circumstances face, and that they have achieved great accomplishments and overcome daunting barriers unimagined by most. In other words, WE DON’T LOOK LIKE WHAT WE’VE BEEN THROUGH!

What You Pay for a Cup of Coffee Can ReStore Lives

EnVision Proven Success 2020 Featured Women


On September 24, 2020, EnVision Proven Success (EPS) announced the unveiling of our seventh edition of “EnVision Proven Success” and our forth Masquerade signature fundraiser for the disadvantaged women we serve in the Columbus, Ohio community. Held, virtually live on Zoom.

We would like to thank all of our guests or joining us to celebrate our 2020 Featured bold and fearless women for a night at our fourth Masquerade Party, thank you #EPSMAGLAUNCH

       2019 Masquerade Ball 

EPS 5th Anniversary "The Power of WE"


We would like to thank you for attending EnVision Proven Success 5th Anniversary "The Power of WE" for all your comments, winners, love, and support, thank you.

Sign-up on our mailing list to never miss updates, donate, sponsor, 2019 edition of the magazine, or volunteer. Thank you and know "We don't look like what we've been through" make it a safe and EnVision Proven Successful day. #EPSMAGLAUCH

EPS' Videos

       2019 Masquerade Ball 

To passersby, the ladies featured in this video appear to be typical working women, mothers, and neighbors. They wear professional attire, make last-minute trips to the grocery store before dinner, support their children at school events and spend weekends doing chores and yard work. But, they're also a part of a network of women who can say there was a time when they struggled to keep their lives together in the wake of abusive relationships, dangerous addictions, unexpected job losses or poor health. Because of the platform created by EnVision Proven Success allowing them to share their stories, today they can say, " I don't look like what I been through" Thank you for all your support. #EPSMAGLAUCH 

It's My Time! As we prepare, the third edition of the EnVision Proven Success magazine, we asked our featured women to reflect on what they hope to accomplish with their new lease on life after overcoming daunting barriers unimagined by most

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       2019 Masquerade Ball 

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On September 26, 2019, EnVision Proven Success was excited to announce the unveiling of our 6th  edition of “EnVision Proven Success” as well as our  3rd Masquerade Ball fundraiser. Held at the Clintonville Womans Club, the event featured a silent auction, mystery gift cards, music, food, and more.

Our signature event raises awareness of women who have spent years living lives that weren’t their own. Women who have beaten the odds, and found freedom from varying types of abuse. These women have encouraged others and have the ability to change our communities!


We would like to thank you, our guests, vendors, and volunteers for your support in making this an evening of EnVision Proven Success. Special thanks to our bold and fearless featured women, as well as courtesy printing by Grange Insurance Company, and a CD reading by VOCIEcorps.


To receive the 2019 edition of EnVision Proven Success "Inspire" please make a donation and email us at eps@envisionprovensuccess.org to support the mission of EnVision Proven Success. Thank you.

We would like to thank all sponsors for making our  silent auction and spin the wheel of fortune a huge success, thank you.

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