Angela's Story, Becoming Yolanda Lisa

September 29, 2016


by J. Michelle Abuda


Angela Bynum says she has led multiple, distinct lives.

After living through an abusive childhood, she found herself in the music industry rising to stardom as Yolanda Lisa. As her life was reaching its happiest, a series of events caused her world to tumble down. To top it off, Angela was later diagnosed with cancer. 

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Aleta's Remarkable Poem

September  2017

by Aleta Talbert

Aleta Talber has turned her past struggles into art that she hopes will empower others to make changes or think differently about their situations.


Mary 's story,  Community Volunteer

September 26,2019

by Robin McGowan

 I met Mary at a Fundraiser for Envision Proven Success. We rode the same Para Transit Van and I offered to help her. Her response was “I’m OK I only had a Stroke”