By now, most of us are beginning to understand the tremendous impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have on our lives. From daily routines, to the way we work, to the economy, there seems to be no part left unaffected. At this time, we know physical distancing and doing all we can do to contribute to the safety of our community is of utmost importance.

It’s clear that this pandemic will have lasting negative impact on the economic empowerment of women and families. While women make up the majority of the U.S. workforce, they are often the lowest paid; provide the majority of caregiving to children and the elderly without any or adequate paid leave; and are on the frontlines of fighting this pandemic as health care or service industry workers, often without any or adequate access child care.

The COVID-19 situation will only further exacerbate the already difficult conditions women and their families face as they try to maintain economic security now and in the future. In these unprecedented times, The Women’s Fund is relentlessly focused on understanding the future we’ll face together and how we can continue to push the social change despite the obstacles before us.

To start, we’ve pulled together a few resources – scroll through below – to keep you informed.




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