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It’s time to “Restore”, think back, and fully appreciate how you got here today; start your journey focusing as a "Visionary for Change your new healthy lifestyle to become an EnVision Proven Success.

2021 Workshops

Phillis Hand  has lead our EnVision Board and scrapbooking workshops. During the course, which was held on February 15,2020. Below are the following workshop take-aways: 

Phillis' EnVision Board Tips:

- Set goals

- Have an attitude of gratitude every day

- Believe the things you target can be yours 

- Visualize the outcome

- Affirm it every day by using a lot of "I" statements 

"I am healthy"

"I am a homeowner"

"I am a business owner"

- Stay positive

- Take action

- Meditate

- Display your board where you can see it,  e.g. a suggestion as the screen saver on your cell phone

Come learn about Nutrition and Food education

Cooking with POM-J: Food Educator and Certified Personal Trainer.

Come learn about nutrition and Food education with Vegan Chef/Bodybuilder POM-J

Keep your health and wellness resolutions to lose weight and feel great!

Here are 4 reasons that YOU should attend the Reasons 4 Vegan mixer:

*You don’t have to be a vegan to eat vegan*

  • To try an assortment of plant based “soul”food

  • To network with other health conscious individuals

  • To support a local owned business

  • To have fun and fellowship

Success Snapshots of  2015 - 2019 Events/Workshops

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Next Steps to Education

by Sarah Kenny



My EnVision Board JOURNƎY of Achievement

Education has the potential to increase our earning potential, credibility, and networking opportunities. School is important, but even more than that becoming a learner, is important.


Why is education important?

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