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Women in the Spotlight

Anamaria's Story


One of the most impactful moments of Anamaria Perales-Lang’s life ever experienced took place at a gas station in the middle of west Columbus. When she stepped out of her car, her power suit glinting in the sunlight, a wave of panic overwhelmed her. She had never had to do this before; someone had always done it for her. She didn’t know how to open the fuel cap, let alone what buttons to press on the gas pump. The panic must have been evident on her face, because a kind police officer quickly came over to show her how to do it. But as he was talking to her, she couldn’t shake the feeling that settled in her gut.

Anamaria Perale Lang.jpg

EnVision Proven Success has a professionally printed magazine that shares the stories of women who have regained their dignity and moved forward in a way they previously thought impossible. Their candor allows readers to understand the challenges women from adverse circumstances face, and that they have achieved great accomplishments and overcome daunting barriers unimagined by most.


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We are looking for volunteers to attend our workshops and assist with planning events,  that have leadership experience, who are willing to fundraise, help with monetary donations, to provide sponsorship or to join our board. 

Volunteer meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of the month, location TBA.

 All Volunteers MUST attend an orientation prior to Volunteering for training purposes. Thank you for your support of our mission and the courageously inspirational women we empower!

Volunteers are just ordinary people with extraordinary hearts!
Thank you in advance for your service!

© 2022 by EnVision Proven Success

© 2022 by EnVision Proven Success