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Do you have an idea for a fundraiser or hosting an event that can benefit EnVision Proven Success?  When it comes to raising funds, the only limit is your imagination.  EnVision Proven Success encourages third-party fundraising events.


A third-party fundraiser is a company, organization, charitable foundation, school, service club, or individual that wishes to hold a promotion, event, or sale on behalf of an organization to help support its programs and/or services.  The third party is responsible for the event and donates the proceeds to the organization as a single donation.


There are countless ways to raise funds on our behalf. MANY types of drives fortify our mission – we appreciate your willingness to increase our community’s awareness of our work!  Please review the drive packet below and determine what best fits the goal of your group or event. We’re happy to answer any questions and provide additional information and documents.

Learn more - certain rules and restrictions apply.  We reserve the right to review all proposed events and approve or reject as appropriate.  If you are interested in organizing an event on behalf of EnVision Proven Success, please contact our Community Partner, Olivia Bulls  at 614.344.1188  or via email at


We thank you for your interest and support.

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