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At EnVision Proven Success, we would like to thank all our guests that came out to celebrate our EPS "Finding My Truth" graduates and those who made donations to support the mission/vision of the EPS Mentoring Program, thank you.

We are always looking for volunteers and sponsors, if interested, please visit our website,, to learn how to get involved and sign-up on our mailing list and mobile app. thank you. #EPSMAGLAUNCH


Finding My Truth

Mentorship Program

Sheirra Haines is the Mentor Manager of our Finding My Truth Mentorship Program. This mentorship program is designed to empower women to rise above their current situation through mentoring and education.

We realize that in order to know where we want to go in life, we must first understand who we are and what we were placed on the Earth to do. Our mentorship program will focus on six areas (1) to gain self-awareness (2) to develop a life plan (3) to release and break free from past hurt and walk-in purpose (4) business and entrepreneurship (5) personal development (6) and self-care.

Our goal is to target the mentees on the basis of their needs. Once the program has been completed we encourage former mentees to become mentors so that they too can reach back and grab someone else.

Interested in being a mentor or mentee, please email  our Mentorship manager, Sheirra Haines at, thank you

EPS Mentorship Program, Finding My Truth, would like to thank you for attending the graduation of our mentee, Seqoyia Jackson, and supporting the mission of Finding My Truth, thank you. 

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